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As part of our ongoing research into the efficacy of new treatment methods, we offer therapeutic treatment to some patients free of charge.

Current Opportunity: Thought-Field Therapy (עברית בהמשך)

We are currently conducting a research study on treating post-traumatic stress disorder using an innovative therapeutic approach known as thought-field therapy (TFT). If you meet some of the following criteria, you may be eligible to receive free therapy from one of our top trauma therapists.

  • Have you survived a difficult experience that you haven’t managed to overcome?
  • Were you involved in a violent incident that replays itself in your mind?
  • Have you had difficulty sleeping since the event?
  • Do you feel that you haven’t felt calm since the incident?
  • Does your life feel very different?
  • Have you experienced a feeling of tension ever since the event?
  • Do you try to avoid thinking about what happened?
  • Do you avoid places or things that remind you of the event?
  • Are you sensitive to noises or things that remind you of what happened?

To discuss your eligibility, contact Vered Nuriel-Porat: Veredn@herzoghospital.org, or 054-212-2767